What is to be done? feat. Jesse Freeston

My name is Chris Keefer. I am an Emergency Physician concerned with fighting climate change and poverty. Join me on my journey into the frontiers of science, technology and politics as I explore solutions to the climate and poverty crises.

I’ve moved from being a green environmentalist advocating degrowth and opposing new technology towards embracing technologies that can decouple human well being from its environmental impact and imagining the kind of politics and economic system necessary to pursue this goal.

Welcome to Decouple. In this inaugaral episode Jesse Freeston and I dive deep into it all. Fasten your seatbelts and dive on in. 

References: Charles C Mann: The Wizard and the Prophet,  Noah Yuval Hariri: Sapiens,  Daniel Quinn: Ishmael,  Leigh Phillips: The People's Republic of Walmart,  Jonathan Symons: Technology, Politics and The Climate Crisis,  James Lovelock: A Rough Ride to the Future,  Lewis Dartnell: Origins,  Tim Maloney and Mike Conley: Roadmap to Nowhere

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